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Landlord & Letting Agents Pest Control Services

Pest Control for Landlords and Letting Agents

As a landlord or letting agent, a discreet pest control service is essential. For example, if a new tenant discovers an infestation of fleas or other vermin, a landlord may find himself in breach of any tenancy agreement. Should the tenant move out, a landlord is not only left with the cost of treatment but also the vacant cost and the cost of re-letting the property.

All Hours Pest Control North London can provide a tailored pest control service to remedy the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible with the interests of both landlord and tenant in mind. If you wish, we can liaise directly with the tenant, saving time and work for the landlord and retaining the tenant.


These type of treatments are carried out between tenant change-overs. They are usually done as a preventive measure against infestation of fleas, cockroaches, mice, moths etc. especially if the previous occupiers kept pets or were unhygienic. A fast and efficient response is provided.


With every situation we are called to we try to advise landlords how to prevent a re-occurrence of the same problem. This may be in the form of building improvements or simply advising how to disrupt the breeding cycle of a particular species. 


Infestations are systemic and often the responsibility of the council that may provide a free of charge. However, should the council not be able to deal with your rat problem in Tottenham or North London then call us today! We provide a discreet, effective and efficient rat removal service, ensure a stress-free and affordable solution! why not call us today for more information.


Infestations are often the result of a systemic problem and therefore should be paid for by the landlord. However, if you’re a home owner, then mice removal and mice problems can be stressful and cause problems. Our specialist mice removal team have been trained in dealing with mice problems and ensure there is an efficient and cost effective mice-removal solution.


Infestations are difficult because they can go unnoticed or unreported for many months. But once they are noticed, it’s difficult to settle in your own home. This is where All Hours Pest Control comes in. Call us today if you have bed bugs in Tottenham, North London or even bed bugs in London! We’re quick, effective and affordable. Bed Bugs can be a thing of the past!


Infestations may originate from a systemic problem, or from a neighbour that is infested. A cockroach problem can cause much more stress than any other vermin infestation due to phobias. We understand the need for a discreet cockroach removal service, which is why our team is not only trained in cockroach removal, but highly trained in customer service!